Never sign up for New Relic and decide against deploying

I signed up on the 21st of Feb, took a look at their deployment instructions and decided against it for now.

5 days later and I already have 10 reminder emails from them asking me desperately to deploy :(

The worst thing is most of these are apparently not automated so I can’t even hit an unsubscribe link to shut them up.

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Solving acpi=off for the Asus N55SL

So I recently bought the Asus N55SL and ran into issues installing Linux on it due to ACPI issues so I thought I would write a guide to how I solved them to help anyone else.

The first issue was getting a Linux installation to actually install on it, after trying a few distributions I determined the issues lie in incompatibilities with ACPI and the current Kernel.

To solve this when running the live cd before it boots change the launch settings to use acpi=off which allows you to install the distribution. When it comes to booting the install you will also have to set acpi=off.

While this allows you to load Linux and use it normally it denies access to any thermal and power features which obviously isn’t too useful on a laptop, in fact it denies access to reading the battery percentage essentially ruining the mobility of the device. As well as that the laptop will run hot due to no access to the thermal features which is not a good idea to do over a prolonged period of time.

In order to fix these issues you have to upgrade the kernel used to a later one (I used 3.3.30) which you can do using the following steps:

First grab the files needed from – you will need to download the following:

  • linux-headers-3.3.0-030300-generic_3.3.0-030300.201203182135_i386.deb
  • linux-headers-3.3.0-030300_3.3.0-030300.201203182135_all.deb
  • linux-image-3.3.0-030300-generic_3.3.0-030300.201203182135_i386.deb

You can switch these to AMD64 if running on a 64bit installation.

Next fire up a terminal where you have downloaded the files and enter the following commands in this order:

  1. sudo dkpg -i linux-headers-3.3.0-030300_3.3.0-030300.201203182135_all.deb
  2. sudo dkpg -i linux-headers-3.3.0-030300-generic_3.3.0-030300.201203182135_i386.deb
  3. sudo dkpg -i linux-image-3.3.0-030300-generic_3.3.0-030300.201203182135_i386.deb

Reboot your system and voila! You should now be able to boot without using acpi=off allowing you access to thermal and power settings.

To confirm the upgrade has worked open up a terminal and put uname -r which should result in the following:

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Unfortunately I have turned off comments while I look at a more robust anti spam solution for WordPress. I used to get 1 spam comment a week max which has recently been increased to about 60 in the last week alone!

My email was feeling the pain :)

EDIT: Enabled Akismet, I hope it is as good as it seems to be :)

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Placement Times!

Hey all,

This blog will probably be a bit quiet due to me undertaking a placement year at Accenture. Don’t hesitate to email me if you wish to contact me!



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End of year 2!

So the second year of university is finally over. As long as everything goes well I will be starting a job in July so wish me luck with that!

I have also released Math Quiz to the android market:here



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Imagine Cup 2010 Entry

For the Imagine Cup in 2010 me and two other programmers created a game based in XNA that allowed users to run campaigns which affected different values for each region.
The different attributes we used were:

  • Food – This represented the food levels in each region.
  • Environment – This represented how each region were affecting the environment.
  • Health – This represented the quality of healthcare in the region.

Each year had different goals for the player to complete, for example providing a set amount of food supplies to Africa over a year.

As well as that there is a global aid average which is the average of each regions attributes which we required the players to keep above a certain value each year.

In order to allow the players to learn how they could help the different attributes themselves we included a Do Your Part section. This would appear each time a player ran a campaign and would give the player an idea of what they could do, for example one do your part linked players to a website for organising fund raisers.

The source code for this has been lost I’m afraid, however I still have the video I created for the second round here:

Please note we named our team Team Novabay hence the start of the video.

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3D Model Renderer

For the Introduction to 3D module on my course I created a model renderer which loads a MD2 model and then uses GDI+ to display it on screen.

The standalone version and source code are available on request and here is a video of it in action:

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MIPS Midi Player

For the Console Development module I created a program in MIPS assembly that reads in data about a midi file and then plays the song requested.

In order to do this the midi is first converted into a custom file format which stores all the data about the notes in an integer format allowing my program to read this in and play the corresponding notes.

As always the source code is available on request and here is a video of the application in action:

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Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead is the game I created for Games Design in the first year of my course.

It is a two player cooperative game in the style of Pipe Mania where players have to create a track for an object (in this case a train) to move along and allow it to reach its destination. Additionally it has another mode where one player creates the tracks and the other controls the train.

As always a standalone version or the source code to this project is available on request, so give me an email if you are interested, otherwise here is a video of me playing it (solo play unfortunately means I couldn’t show the train control mode).

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Exams Completed

The first semester exams have now finished allowing me to concentrate on my own project for a couple of weeks leading me to announce the android game I will be working on called Randomaze!

This will be a maze based game where you guide an in game avatar to the end point (I’m even thinking of playing it out as a love story or something similar, like Super Meat Boy finishes the level with bandage girl). Hopefully This can be completed within the next two weeks as I intend to release it onto the market for 50p – £1 depending on exchange rates. I also might create a lite version with advertisements added as a student has to earn money somehow as much as I would like to release it for free!

Of course I will be making a free version available to any prospective employers so if I haven’t given you a URL to download it from be sure to shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will fix one up as soon as I can (with the source code if desired).

That’s all for now,


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