CommonMark support!

CommonMark has now been added to this site so lovely things like paragraphs exist.

Now to add styling to all the nifty things that I ... »

Jeffrey Whitehead | February 27 2015

Why the styling isn't done yet

So I have unfortunately been busy applying for a couple jobs and doing any matter of work related to the application process. I am currently ... »

Jeffrey Whitehead | February 11 2015

Current Plans

So over the next few days I do plan to update the styling on this site. The current styling was put together in a hour ... »

Jeffrey Whitehead | January 23 2015

Let us never speak of uwsgi again

After a couple hours of troubleshooting + reinstalling this dedi server to a new release of Ubuntu, the Django recreation of serenitycode is now live!

... »

Jeffrey Whitehead | January 23 2015