Lockdown Puzzles

Lockdown Puzzles

Like everyone in the UK currently we have been trapped inside during the post christmas lockdown which has led to a need for indoor hobbies - enter puzzles!

Before this year I think the last puzzle I had attempted would have been 20+ years ago so it might have been a mistake to start with a 1000 piece puzzle from a company called Impuzzibles.

The puzzle in question

My naïve mind thought that having a slowly graduating set of colours would result in an easy to follow puzzle that a novice like me could easily achieve. Alas it turned out that my eyesight is absolutely appalling at noticing similar colour shades.

Sorted the edges!

Fortunately I had my partner at hand who is absolutely amazing at distinguishing colours so through enlisting her help we started to really crack on with it.

In the end I managed to finish about a third of the puzzle while she completed the rest. Pretty good going for a first attempt I think!

The finished work of art

This has led to a puzzle frenzy spurred on by my partner's love of working on them. I've now lost count of how many we have completed, ranging from puzzles found in her parent's loft, to murder mystery puzzles I grabbed from ebay. I find the murder mystery puzzles especially fun as they present you with a murder mystery where the answer is in the puzzle itself - you don't get any picture to help you so you have to make it completely blind. To keep with the Oxfordshire setting we have done a couple of Inspector Morse mysteries where one puzzle was so faded it was just pale blue and one golf course murder mystery. I completely forgot to take a photo of the faded Morse puzzle though which I now regret.

At this point I think I am all puzzled out though while my partner and her parents are still continuing. While I may be taking a break from puzzles for now I won't forget the fun and the time shared over these trying times completing them.

Header Image By Jared Tarbell - Flickr: sky puzzle, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=31953973